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Camp Wood Crafts Covering: national
Fountain Cottage
Newton St Margarets




Tel.01981 510136

Camp Wood is a 22 acre woodland in Herefordshire's Golden Valley, which is being sustainably managed by the owners Ben Hill and Jo Rowland. 
The wood contains a wide variety of tree species including Ash, Oak, Cherry, Larch and Norway Spruce, as well as an impressive avenue of Wellingtonia which tower above the rest of the wood. The under storey is a mixture of Hawthorn, Wych Elm, Hazel and Field Maple. During the spring and summer the grass rides are covered with wild flowers including three varieties of Orchid, Cowslip, violet and primroses. 
Our management objectives can be split into 3 areas; to maintain and increase the biodiversity of the woodland, to develop a low impact residential course centre providing green wood craft and rural skills courses, and in the long run to grow high quality timber. 
Currently our work in the woods is based around silvicultural thinning and developing the course centre. The selective thinning includes the widening of the rides and creatiing small glades to expand the range of habitats within the woodland. 
The course centre will be based around several low impact structures. We aim to demonstrate to visitors that low impact structures can be comfortable, functional, and attractive. 
Say it with Wood Covering: national
Crossways Farm
Stoke Lacy





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